Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten Little Things

Oh hey! Remember when I used to put up Ten Little Things posts? Like all the time? Well it's been awhile, and I'm sorry for that (assuming you like them, that is). The entire point of these posts was to find joy and inspiration in the mundane and in the constant rush that is everyday life. And I need to get back to doing that. So here goes. The first TLT post of the new year.

1. Sending someone else a gift in the mail. And just gift giving in general. There's something about it that makes you so happy.

2. Finding money on the sidewalk. I found $5 right outside my apartment the other day. It was awesome.

3. Turning on the radio at the exact moment that your favorite song comes on. It's basically fate. Especially if you're a girl like me who doesn't listen to the radio very often.

4. When the delivery person brings a package all the way up to your apartment and sets it outside your door. It's like, wow, you're a real class act. That was really nice of you to walk up two flights of stairs and down the hall. Thanks!

5. Interacting on twitter with someone you admire. Last week Mr. Andrew Jenks (my roommates from junior year of college probably remember my extreme joy every night that World of Jenks was on MTV) replied to one of my tweets and I was all over the place happy about it.

6. Finishing a to do list. So productive. So satisfying. So happy.

7. Stepping on crunchy snow / ice. This might just be me, but it's my winter equivalent of walking through big piles of leaves in the fall.

8. The Carrie Diaries. Has anyone else seen the series yet? What do you think? I personally love learning about Ms. Bradshaw in her formative years.

9. The moment one of the features I designed goes live on TEG. Like today! It's a home tour. And it's gorgeous. 

10. Good design & good photography. There's just no substitute. I've been working on Thursday's feature for my internship and the work is just insanely beautiful. You're going to love it. Plus, the woman being featured lives in my very own Minneapolis! How could it possibly be better?

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Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Hooray for ten little things! I love these, and your Everygirl posts! And walking on snow is definitely one of my favorite things too :) I'm glad my winter mountain photos are making you a little less sick of winter! Have a fabulous Tuesday :)

    <3 Josephine

  2. Great ten things. I especially can relate to no.2, 3 & 6. Haven't seen Carrie Diaries yet but I have heard both good and bad things about it, might have to check it out soon.