Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Everygirl Team Conference

Hi all! Finally, a post. This is exciting stuff. I must admit, it felt a little odd to log in to blogger and press the "new post" link at the top of the page. I haven't published a thing since my birthday five months ago. And that's just crazy.

Today I wanted to share a recap of The Everygirl Team Conference a few weeks ago. Although co-founders Alaina and Danielle are in Chicago, most of the team is based all across the country. Together we represent Minneapolis, Chicago, Madison, Washington, D.C., Charlotte, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. I had never met the majority of the team before, so when I heard we would all be able to get together in person I was thrilled.

The conference took place the third week of July. I flew in on Wednesday night and and headed straight to the hotel. I got there around 10 and was able to meet up with some of the team as they were finishing up dinner in the adjacent Current Restaurant. From there I went up to my room and settled in. I stayed up way too late painting my nails in bed and watching the Kardashians (judge me if you must but that is some good entertainment in my opinion). And the next morning I woke up to this sunny view outside my room.

We stayed at the W Lakeshore and I loved this hotel, you guys. I've had a few less-than-perfect hotel experiences in the windy city so it's always a relief to find a hotel that has beautiful, clean rooms and comfy beds. And the location is as good as it gets in my opinion. If I hadn't been so excited for the conference, it would have been really hard to get out of this bed.

At 8:30 I went downstairs to the conference room and met everyone for breakfast. And I got my very own TEG mug, out of which I've been drinking these green smoothies (everyone drinks their smoothies from mugs, right?).

From there the meeting commenced and we spent the day discussing our work process, story ideas, and what we see for the future of The Everygirl. At 1 we broke for a true Chicago lunch -- deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's and 312 Beer. And a beet salad! (!!) Little known fact about me: I love beets. I was genuinely thrilled to see three different kinds for lunch.

After lunch we took headshots and team photos with the talented Katie Kett. Here's one of the whole team.

After another few hours of meeting we had an hour or so pre-dinner to do whatever we pleased. I walked around Michigan Avenue for a bit and changed into a favorite dress from Parc Boutique. The evening light in my hotel room was beautiful.

And here's a photo of the view from the lake side of the hotel. Navy Pier in all it's glory.

I walked to dinner with Megan, Juley, and Lauren. We all met at Beatrix and had a wonderful time. If you ever find yourself there, order the caramel pie for dessert. You will not regret it. Three hours passed in an instant and I was sad to have to say goodbye to everyone. Alaina, Danielle, Allyson and I went out for another glass of wine (because when in Chicago...) before we called it a night.

On Friday I woke up and went for a run along the lake. As much as I had been looking forward to every other aspect of the trip, this was one thing I couldn't wait to do. I'm (hopefully! pending a few nagging injuries..) running the Chicago Marathon this fall and I was so happy to get a taste of running in the city before then. And the views from these lakeside paths weren't too shabby, either.

From there I went to do a little work with Alaina, Danielle, and Allyson before flying out that evening. And I got to see Buddy! And Tuck! And Fiona! Alaina and Danielle have thee cutest pups.

To say I had a wonderful trip would be an understatement. The only disappointing thing was that I couldn't stay longer. It still blows my mind a little to see how much TEG has grown over the past few years, how much my role has changed, and how much I continue to love what I get to do for the site. From graphic design intern to associate editor, I've learned a ton over the past two years and have met so many amazing people along the way. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for The Everygirl.

I hope you all are having an amazing summer, and thanks so much for stopping by today! I promise I'll post again when inspiration strikes. In the meantime, feel free to follow along with my daily musings on twitter and instagram.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Today I turn 24. My first thought?
It's not that 23 was so awful, but everything certainly did not go
as planned, and I'm ready for a fresh start. 
Most people get their fresh start on January 1st, but I'm not much of a 
New Year's Day girl. I didn't even make any resolutions this year. 
As far as I'm concerned, my new year starts today.
I have big dreams and big goals for my life, and each
birthday seems like a fresh start. 

I wonder what me as a little kid would think of me today.
Is that too deep of a thought for a Tuesday?
Oh well.
I'm sure she would think I was really old.
Because as a kid 24 is ancient.
 I hope she would be proud of me.
Although if I'm being honest, the fact that I'm neither a singer 
nor a dolphin trainer would irritate little Jackie Jo to no end. 
But she would get over it.

So here's to 24. 
Here's to many reasons to smile, fits of laughter, late nights, 
embarrassing moments, and probably a few tears along the way.
Here's to less time looking at a computer or phone screen 
and more time living in the moment.
Here's to setting goals and going after them.
Like really getting my act together and going after them.
Here's to The Everygirl, the reason for many of those late 
nights but also so many proud moments.
Here's to this little piece of the internet, and here's to 
you for reading along.

I'm off to a birthday brunch, because if you know 
me, you know brunch is all I really need to be happy in life. 
Okay fine - brunch, health, friends and family...
plus new episodes of Parks & Rec and
New Girl, because I like sarcasm and I really like to laugh.

Here's to 24.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Target

Dear Target,

Yesterday I was perusing my twitter feed when I discovered that you had just announced collaborations with three amazing bloggers - Joy, Jan and Kate (!!!). Kate lives in Minneapolis, so she gets her name italicized and exclamation marks, too. Anyway.

I know you've have some troubles these past few months, but I've stuck with you through it all. Because let's be honest: nobody else sells affordable, everyday toiletries and home goods in an aesthetically pleasing environment quite like you do. And nobody else makes me blatantly fall for their marketing tactics and not feel bad about myself for it quite like you do. Sometimes I think you should follow me around a store and see the things that end up in my cart, you know, to further your marketing strategies. Case in point:

This DVD that's perfectly placed at the front of the store that I never knew I needed until right this moment? Yes! This dress that was hanging on the aisle that I don't have time to try on but that I somehow must have? Sure! E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in the newest Threshold or Nate Berkus home collections? Why not! 

It's borderline embarrassing.

And then yesterday you announced those three collaborations and I remembered another reason why I've stuck with you. Because your collections with some of my favorite designers are incredible and make you even more of a force to be reckoned with. So if you couldn't already tell, I'm pretty excited for March 16th (and June and September, too).


But seriously, have you guys seen this? I'm so excited. 

And no, I promise no one told me to write this post, just in case anyone was wondering. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thoughts & Updates

Well hello! It's been a little while, hasn't it? Almost two months to be exact...sorry about that. I've been wanting to post more, I really have! Sometimes I find myself looking at my blog, reading old posts and wanting to write, but I don't know what to say. Does that ever happen to any of you? It's a problem. I have still been reading my favorite blogs daily, so I'm not completely off the map. Today I wanted to check in with a few thoughts and updates in the hopes that it may trigger my inspiration and get me to start writing a little bit more. Fingers crossed.

1. First and foremost, The Everygirl relaunched last week! We went from this...

to this!

And I love love love it. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know just how much this website means to me. I've been with the TEG team since September 2012 and it is the most fun, rewarding work experience I've ever had. When I saw the new site for the first time, I couldn't have been more thrilled. It's easier to navigate, the design is beautiful, AND there's an Everygirl shop! I've also been named an Associate Editor along with Allyson at Mimosas in the Morning and I am so excited about it.

2. Relatedly, a few weeks ago I helped out at a shoot for The Everygirl and it was so. much. fun. The shoot was for a feature on Minneapolis favorite Parc Boutique and the amazing woman behind it, Thao Nguyen. It's the first feature I've coordinated from the start so I'm naturally really excited about it. Keep an eye out for the full feature early next year! Photography by the crazy talented Wing Ta of Canary Grey.

3. Someway, somehow, I am slowly learning to cook. I have no idea where this sudden interest came from, but I'm just going with it. I think every single new recipe I try is from a blog or pinterest, and yesterday, I discovered a new favorite food blog. It's called Half Baked Harvest and I think you should check it out immediately. I plan to make this, this, and especially this pizza as soon as possible.

Can you believe how good this looks? And don't even get me started on the dessert recipes...

4. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I couldn't possibly be more excited about the fact that the holidays are right around the corner. I love everything about them - the baking, the decorating, the gift giving, the time with friends and family, and just all of the joy that comes with this time of year.

5. Black Friday is just a few days away...are you participating this year? I'm one of the crazy people who actually enjoys going shopping in the early hours of the morning. It seems oddly festive to me. I'm not sure if I'll go this year but even if I don't, I'm sure I'll be taking advantage of Cyber Monday deals.

I hope you have a lovely day and a festive Thanksgiving tomorrow!