Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Today I turn 24. My first thought?
It's not that 23 was so awful, but everything certainly did not go
as planned, and I'm ready for a fresh start. 
Most people get their fresh start on January 1st, but I'm not much of a 
New Year's Day girl. I didn't even make any resolutions this year. 
As far as I'm concerned, my new year starts today.
I have big dreams and big goals for my life, and each
birthday seems like a fresh start. 

I wonder what me as a little kid would think of me today.
Is that too deep of a thought for a Tuesday?
Oh well.
I'm sure she would think I was really old.
Because as a kid 24 is ancient.
 I hope she would be proud of me.
Although if I'm being honest, the fact that I'm neither a singer 
nor a dolphin trainer would irritate little Jackie Jo to no end. 
But she would get over it.

So here's to 24. 
Here's to many reasons to smile, fits of laughter, late nights, 
embarrassing moments, and probably a few tears along the way.
Here's to less time looking at a computer or phone screen 
and more time living in the moment.
Here's to setting goals and going after them.
Like really getting my act together and going after them.
Here's to The Everygirl, the reason for many of those late 
nights but also so many proud moments.
Here's to this little piece of the internet, and here's to 
you for reading along.

I'm off to a birthday brunch, because if you know 
me, you know brunch is all I really need to be happy in life. 
Okay fine - brunch, health, friends and family...
plus new episodes of Parks & Rec and
New Girl, because I like sarcasm and I really like to laugh.

Here's to 24.

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