Friday, January 25, 2013

Ms. Jenna Lyons

J. Crew. Also known as my favorite store ever / my mecca / a place that is just full of inspiration. I love it there. Have you heard me mention it in my posts ever? Oh that's right, I mention it almost every day. Sorry about that.

The other day I was browsing my pinterest feed per usual when I came across a photo with the caption Jenna Lyons' office. I repinned immediately, obviously. Then I searched Jenna Lyons' office in my other mecca (google). Oh my goodness. I can't even. It's beautiful and there is inspiration everywhere. The walls are covered with photos and quotes and clothing racks crowd the open spaces. Slightly cluttered, but just perfectly Jenna. This is where the President and Creative Director of J. Crew creates and envisions the ideas that are going to inspire me when I walk through those store doors. Awesome. Here's a glimpse into that world.

this is where she works.

with these people.

constantly surrounded by inspiration.

you and me both, jenna.

racks upon racks of j. crew loveliness.

Now don't mind me, I'm just going to go spend a chunk of my weekend finding inspiring images for my own inspiration board (I probably won't take up an entire wall like Jenna did...but I totally want to). I also have plans with friends tonight and tomorrow night and a few features to finish for TEG. It's going to be busy and productive and fun. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans?

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  1. love it! that wall is a dream. when I was little I covered one of my bedroom walls with my favorite pieces of inspiration...I loved it! maybe I can convince Jim to let me have a wall at our place :)

    have a great weekend, Jackie!

  2. This is so so awesome! Thank you for sharing this!!! I put a couple of cork boards above my bed during law school and filled them with magazine photos etc to create the best headboard/inspiration board ever. I'm definitely missing that now, and may need to recreate it!

    Have a fabulous weekend!! I'll be in the mountains (surprise) with my parents this time! Hooray!

    <3 Josephine

  3. Wow. Her office is amazing so is her style. Look the pants on her.
    Have a great weekend. It's Australia Day here so we are having an extra day off on Monday which I'm planning to relax and catchup on my reading.

  4. She. Is. Amazing. Can I just go on a shopping spree in J.Crew now? Dreams can come true, right?