Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inaugural Style

How incredibly refreshing is it to have a First Lady with such an amazing sense of style? Pretty darn refreshing, I would say. Michelle Obama has showcased her incredible fashion sense since her husband took office four years ago. And one of the most fantastic things of all? She shops at J. Crew. I love that she shops at some of the same stores as me. It makes her seem so relatable.

I was really impressed with the outfits she was wearing on Monday at all of the inauguration festivities. Especially these two.

On the left: Staying warm & looking fabulous while doing so. Love how she cinched her coat with that J. Crew belt! On the right: Jason Wu's second inaugural ball dress for Michelle.

Can we also discuss how personable Michelle seems? I can't quite pinpoint exactly what it is, but there's just something about her that makes you want to be her best friend. And her shopping partner, too.

What did you think of the First Lady's inauguration choices?

images left // right


  1. She really can't go wrong! Although I don't love the bangs, her fashion choices are still amazing.

  2. I adore the coat, especially with the belt, and the cut of that dress is so flattering! She definitely nailed it :) And it really is awesome she shops at J. Crew!

    <3 Josephine

  3. I was head over heels with her choice to pair a jeweled belt with her coat - classy yet stylish. Not the biggest fan of her in red but she stil managed to look stunning. I love that she shops somewhere that is relatively accessible to everyone else. I even read somewhere that you can't find a lot of her J.Crew pieces in store since they're from older seasons, proving that she wasn't sponsored by them. :)