Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It's time. It's time to winterize my life. I'm one of those girls who often finds herself dressed completely inappropriately for the weather. Ballet flats when it's below zero? And snowing? Done it. And regretted it. No hat in the middle of the winter? All the time. Somehow my mind always tricks me into thinking that my hair will do the trick. It's like my common sense shuts down in the middle of the winter. But this winter I'd like to be prepared. And maybe, just maybe, if I had an insanely stylish coat in my closet I would be more apt to wear something sensible. Like maybe one of these J. Crew numbers...thoughts?

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  1. The coral coat is too cute! It doesn't get very cold where I live, but I need to invest in a coat for my travels up north during the holidays


  2. I definitely agree with the coral one! It's a great cut and the color is such a fun alternative to a neutral. I LOVE the last one, but the sleeves don't look long enough :/

  3. I am still living in a couple of J. Crew coats I picked up quite a few years ago. They're so good! I love the hood on the last one, but the cut of the pink one is so fun! One of my favorite coats has shorter sleeves, and with the right gloves/layers it was never a problem, even trekking across campus :) I hope you find your perfect coat soon!

    <3 Josephine