Thursday, November 15, 2012


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Sometimes you need a simply drawn diagram to get your point across. And this one fits the bill for me just perfectly (thanks to Miss Kendi for pinning it!). I feel like I'm getting too comfortable in Minneapolis.  Usually when I tell someone this, they will look at me, nod their head and pretend to understand. I know it may sound ridiculous, and I know it's not the same for everyone, but when I get too comfortable I feel like I'm just at a complete standstill in life.

When I'm just far enough outside of my comfort zone, I learn something and I grow. And sometimes I might fail, but at least the experience will have taught me a thing or two along the way. I wasn't exactly comfortable going to Madrid alone for one month to do research. I wasn't initially comfortable flying or staying in hostels by myself. But that experience forced me to meet more people and to rely on myself. And I learned that I am far more capable than I ever thought. Going to Chicago this summer to meet Alaina of The Everygirl was also slightly nervewracking. But guess what?  I got to know her and after a few more emails and a test run on a feature, I got an internship with a website that I admire so much. 

Is this making any sense? I hope that soon I will have another opportunity to step beyond my normal boundaries and to try something new. Life here is just starting to seem a bit stagnant and I am not a girl who likes stagnant. I miss that feeling when I am in a slightly uncomfortable situation but I know all the while in my heart that it will lead to something amazing.  

Just a bit of food for thought. Advice? Comments? You all seem to give wonderful advice and as usual, I would love to hear it. I hope you all have a lovely, wonderful Thursday!


  1. I think you are possibly confusing feeling stagnant in your life with feeling stagnant in minneapolis... i know that it is easy to think life would be different/more exciting/better in another city, and i often default to that and get frustrated, but in reality it is your actions that make the experience, not the city.

    try a new class! explore a new neighborhood! volunteer somewhere different... throw yourself out of your comfort zone here. hopefully opportunities in new cities will arise, but no point in just waiting for one when you could be experiencing new things here.

    when i was 23 (god i'm old!:), i had a get the hell out of MSP plan. but i decided that in the meanwhile i'd say yes to any offer and do anything that sounded fun. that led to my meeting my now husband. i still live in minneapolis (and occasionally still wish we didn't) but i've had more crazy adventures in the last 5 years than i could have ever imagined. just because i tried something different...

    or if all else fails, dye your hair. always makes me feel like a new person! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I'm kind of in the same place in my life, but instead of wanting to do something about it and make changes like you, I've been putting it off. I'm not 100% over-the-moon happy, but I'm comfortable in my current situation, and it's so much easier to be comfortable than make changes and face the the unknown! Great post Jackie and definitely food for thought :)

  3. I agree completely. It's weird how restless I get when things are just going smoothly. I hope you find something to take you outside of your comfort zone soon! It seems like you have a lot on your plate already, but since you're clearly a go-getter I'm sure you'll find some other new venture to tackle :) "Good luck exploring the infinite abyss!" since Garden State has the best advice for these types of challenges. You'll come out golden.

    <3 Josephine

  4. I can't say that I have any advice to offer, but I absolutely agree with this. I definitely know that feeling of getting too comfortable somewhere or with something. I always think that once I graduate college, I won't be able to stay in one job for too long (don't tell my future employers) because I just want to try everything and be able to challenge myself. I really hope you find that something to challenge yourself with soon!

  5. THe comfort zone is evil! You will never feel exhilaration in it, and the good thing is that you just have to take one step outside it to get that feeling.
    Come by if you have time, tell me what you think!


  6. Did I miss that you live in Minneapolis!? I live in Bloomington :) I hear ya girl... it's hard b/c sometimes it's nice to feel like you have everything under control- but then you also want to push yourself to grow...

    Pearls & Paws