Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Beach Essentials

Summer beach essentials can be crucial to a successful summer.  This past weekend  was a scorcher in Minneapolis, so my roommate, a friend and I headed over to Lake Calhoun to get out of the apartment and in to the water.  Unfortunately, as I was packing up for our trek, I realized I was missing a few of the essentials.  I had no sunscreen, no beach bag, and no beach towel.  I know, pretty pathetic.  So I've compiled a list of summer beach essentials so that the same fate doesn't fall upon any of you.

1. Banana Republic Sunglasses// 2. Target Towel// 3. Neutrogena Sunscreen
4. Zara Bag// 5. J. Crew Hat// 6. Water// 7. Elle Magazine or other reading material

I hope this helps everyone prepare for beach days this summer!  I suppose the floppy hat is more optional than necessary, but let's be serious, how cute is it?

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Here's to summer.

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