Friday, June 29, 2012

Five things to do this weekend

1. Find an outfit for the Fourth of July.

And paint your nails all cute like that.
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2. Sleep in!  Because it's the weekend.  And you can get away with that sort of thing on the weekend.

3. Bake something delicious.  Like these.

4. Update the desktop background on your computer.  On Wednesday night right before I went to sleep I got an idea to make a desktop background full of my favorite quotes.  So I prolonged going to bed and whipped this guy up on InDesign.  And I must say, it's nice to open my computer to inspiration.

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5. Compliment a stranger, because it makes their day.  And that's good karma.  Like this morning, I was leaving my apartment and I hadn't even made it a whole block when a woman walked past me and said "Cute dress!".  My day = made.

Happy weekend!

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