Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend was much less eventful than last weekend.  I didn't graduate, and it wasn't Mother's Day.  But I did get to spend a lot of time with my good friend Andrea who is moving away in just a couple of weeks.

First we celebrated her birthday, which is tomorrow.  
I got her this and wrapped it up all pretty.

Then we went out for happy hour and I 
picked the girliest drink possible.  Complete 
with a heart shaped straw in all it's glory.

On Saturday we went to Cupcake.  It's a cupcake shop 
(shocking, I know) that I have always wanted to try.  
It was delicious.

This is what my cupcake looked like.  Pumpkin Creme.
The woman at the counter tried really hard to sell me 
on a fruit flavored cupcake but I just wasn't having it.

This is what my campus looks like on a pretty 
spring/summer afternoon.

Andrea bought me this book and I'm really excited 
to read it.  From what I can tell so far the author
talks about little moments of joy with an undertone
of sarcasm/dry humor.  Just my cup of tea.

That's that.  Or at least those are the only iPhone pictures I took.  My weekend also included plenty of yoga, Mad Men watching and a bit of laundry.  Good times.

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