Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mad Men Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago I started watching Mad Men via Netflix.  It is such a good show and I was hooked from episode one.  I thought I would do a little exploration of Mad Men inspired fashions.

This isn't the first time inspiration has been taken from the hit series and made in to modern attire.  Last August Banana Republic created an entire collection based on the AMC drama.  Check out some of those styles below:

Image via New York Magazine

Image via New York Magazine

Image via New York Magazine

The collection is the perfect blend of classy-meets-elegant-meets-sexy, just like the styles Mad Men costume designer Jamie Bryant displays on the show.

Here is my take on modern summer outfit ideas as inspired by Mad Men.

Can you tell that I'm excited for summer?  I live for a sundress on a lovely summer day.  And I may or may not have ordered that J. Crew dress as an option for my graduation ceremony this Saturday.  It was just too pretty to pass up.

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