Monday, December 3, 2012

Life Lately

No weekend snapshots for the first time in the existence of this blog. A little update from my end of the world is in order. I had jaw surgery last Monday morning, hence my absence from staying in touch with all of you last week. It has been a tough recovery to say the least, but the very best part is that I am finally starting to feel better. Every morning I wake up and the healing is a little further along and that's amazing to see.

Surgery is an interesting thing, really. I have been so blessed to be free of health issues all my life so I didn't realize all of the things I've been taking for granted over the years. I am generally a pretty optimistic person, but having surgery and being in the early stages of recovery was scary and it was sometimes difficult to keep the positivity going. I realized that in my everyday life I complain so much, I stress all the time, and about the tiniest little things. I have so much to be thankful for and there is just no excuse anymore for me not to see that on a daily basis.

Also, a note on your comments. A few days after surgery I finally had the energy to check my e-mail and blog and I was literally floored. Just floored by your continuous support and attention even though I wasn't there to respond and hadn't given any explanation for my lack of response. Every once in a while I question why exactly I blog. Do any of you question it, too? Why do we spend so much time and energy on it? But then I see your constant support, I remember just how much I am learning from blogging and how much fun it is and all of my doubts are swept aside.

So that's a little update from my end. I just thought you should know. As always, thank you thank you thank you for following along. I hope you have a lovely start to your week!


  1. oh my gosh! i didn't know you had surgery.. i am glad that you are feeling better! being sick or injured or recovering in any way really does make you realize what you have to be thankful for, i agree!

  2. Oh, wow! I really hope you have a quick, easy (easier) recovery! I wish we lived close so I could bring you soup and flowers! And I absolutely know what you mean, the blogging community alone makes blogging worth it. Feel better soon!

  3. I hope you recover quickly! That sounds like not much fun at all. I love your blog! And we all get busy, with little things or big (jaw surgery is clearly a good reason for not being around to respond!) but I'm still going to follow along. Blogging really is great like that :) Feel better!

    <3 Josephine

  4. I wish you a speedy recovery and sorry I didn't wish you well before! About the blogging, my friends often question why I spend so much time talking to people I've never even met. I love all of the wonderful people, like you, that I've met through blogging! The relationships are 100% worth all the time and effort! Hope you feel much better soon chica!
    Libby at

  5. I completely understand! I've been feeling the same way lately. I'm generally a healthy person, but I've been on antibiotics all fall for one sort of infection or another (in addition to having pneumonia!). I'm realizing how much I've taken my health for granted, and what a wonderful thing it really is! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  6. I didn't know you had surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take plenty of rest.

  7. Hi Jackie- I had no idea you recently jaw surgery and I can only imagine how scary that must have been! I'm so very glad to hear that you're recovering well and hope you're back to 100% very soon!