Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Put a Cap on It

Last week I highlighted some lovely bags from the magical land of J. Crew. Guys, I love J. Crew. Have you noticed? But the thing about J. Crew (and some of you seem to agree with me) is that I never actually buy most of the things I want. Sure, I could afford the lovely Edie bag if I really really wanted to, but it would take me forever to actually commit to the purchase because I consider it to be an investment.

Point being, this week I wanted to highlight a few other things I've been loving lately, and at more reasonable price points. Enter cap toes. I love cap toes, especially these versions via Target & ShoeMint. And hey, on the bright side, Target is also a place that I would consider to be a bit magical. Wouldn't you?

ShoeMint Koko Flats // Target Viveca Heels

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm off to drink protein shakes and take short walks around the neighborhood. Exciting day? Absolutely.


  1. Target always has the best shoes! I can't decide which color I like the best.

  2. I just picked up the green form target, love those flats too!

  3. Love these little cap toes! I so need some. Target really is magical, and after living in The Cities for so long, kind of feels like home :) I hope your day goes well! I'd add some ice cream to that shake if I were you :) It definitely would help speed your recovery, right? :)

    <3 Josephine