Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Attire

As Christmas gets closer and closer, I can't help but think of Christmas day and, naturally, what I'll be wearing. My family tends to be very laid back. Anything goes, really. I usually like to stick with something comfortable but cute (and okay maybe a little festive, too). When you know you'll end up eating way too much food and sitting on the floor helping the little ones open their presents, comfortable is key. These are some of my ideas for what I'll be wearing next week.

Madewell Chambray Top // Moto Jeans // Bibi Lou Loafers
Madewell Flannel Shirt // J. Crew Factory Denim // Steven Riding Boots

What are your go to looks for the holidays?


  1. Love these looks! Especially the first one--I definitely had a post with a similar look this summer :) I kind of like to dress up even if no one else is, but mostly in soft comfy knits or velvet something or other. It's so fun having an excuse to be festive :)

    <3 Josephine

  2. Those loafers are perfect! Love the looks :) Hmm, well for starters I'm usually in my pajamas for the better half of the day lol. But eventually I slip into something a little nicer. This year I'm thinking a red blouse from LOFT and some comfy black leggings.