Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello! And Happy Holidays!

Hi! Today I'm taking a cue from my lovely editor Danielle over at The Everygirl. Yesterday she did a 'get to know you' post on her blog. The intention was simply to get to know her readers a little bit more. I feel like I already know many of the people who read my blog pretty well (and you're all wonderful, by the way). But it's the holiday season and this time of year I would just love to reach out and get to know everyone a bit more. Tell me - who are you? Where are you from? What are your goals? Your dreams? Your plans for the holidays? Your favorite things? And leave me your social media links, too!

Okay, I'll start.

I'm Jackie. I work at a non-profit by day. I blog here & intern at The Everygirl by night & weekend.
I currently live in the lovely (and freezing at the moment) city of Minneapolis.
I love working out. Yoga sculpt is my addiction and I run marathons whenever I can.
I am a dreamer. I have the biggest imagination of anyone I know and the biggest goals, too.
I love everything about the Christmas season, and I usually start that season way too early every year.
This year the holidays will be even more special because my brother is getting married on 12/28.
I still have a Christmas party with my best friends from high school. I look forward to it every year.
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Stay tuned tomorrow for my holiday wish list. Because I don't talk about things I want on this blog enough. Kidding. But still, it should be fun. See you then!

And lastly (just because I like to ramble) I have a feature up on The Everygirl today! Finally. It's been far too long of a hiatus for me and I'm so happy to be back. This one is a studio home tour and it's b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Check it out!


  1. Hi! I'm Maria-I work in higher ed yet blog my little heart at night and weekends

    Ha, well I'm from NY, went to college in OH, lived in Chicago for 5 years and now live in Boston :)

    As a goal I would LOVE to own an online boutique and be a full time writer for my blog

    For the holidays my boyfriend and I are travelling to NY to stay with my family- go to Niagara Falls, take my nephews ice skating, enjoying the holidays :)


  2. That's so fun your brother is getting married right after Christmas!

    I go by Joey, so you can call me that too :) I grew up in Wisconsin, lived in the Twin Cities for 6 years during college and law school, and since graduating have bounced around between WI, AZ, and CO, and currently reside in Denver. I'm doing contract work and studying for the GMAT at the moment, because a JD isn't enough these days, it seems. I run a few times a week, and ski as much as possible. And for Christmas I'm super excited to see my family! I'm glad you're enjoying the Christmas season so far :) That photo is gorgeous!

    <3 Josephine
    Twitter & Instagram: @jkschroeder

  3. Happy holidays!

    My name is Becky, I recently just stumbled upon your blog. I'm 22, from Toronto, Canada. I work at an advertising agency and I love food, fashion, and traveling! :)

  4. What a great idea! I love hearing more about you, I can't wait to see photos from your brother's wedding. I feel silly "introducing" myself since you must know everything about me from reading my blog! But if there's every anything you want to know that I somehow managed to not tell, feel free to ask :)

  5. Yay for your brother's wedding coming up! What a magical time to get married! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee