Friday, December 7, 2012

The Themed Gift

I can't decide whether or not themed gifts are outdated. Maybe it's because themed gifts are the only things I gave to people between the ages of 'when I started giving gifts' and 20. Why? Because some part of me felt like a whole package of things gave people more bang for their buck than one nice quality item. My thoughts on that have changed and I now prefer to give gifts that are higher quality but less quantity. Because really, that's what I would want to receive.

But sometimes the mood still strikes and all I want to do is hand over a themed gift. Maybe I'm feeling extra creative or I know a certain person who fits the bill. And when the mood does strike, these are a few ideas I have up my sleeve.

Coffee Date: Coffee mugs via Anthropologie & coffee. I feel like I've seen these mugs all over the blogosphere since I started blogging. And guess what? I love them. Maybe I'm just a conformist, who knows. I actually read this idea on a review on so I can't take all the credit. Here's how it works. Gift someone a few of the mugs with letters that mean something to them (their initials, the initials of their business, the letters of their name, whatever) and add a bag of their favorite or your favorite coffee. It's cheap and simple but I think it's absolutely adorable.

Movie night: This idea is just as old as the books, but I still love it. Again, it's relatively cheap, and it's an easy gift to personalize. Take a few of the gift receivee's favorite movies (that they don't already own!), add a container of nice popcorn, some boxes of candy, (preferably tied together in a bow) and voila! Movie night. You could add a pair of slippers in there, maybe a blanket, maybe a candle. Take some liberties! Movie nights are what you make them.

For the home: Anyone can receive a 'for the home' gift. Sure, it helps if said recipient has recently moved or redecorated. But if they haven't, that's okay, too, as far as I'm concerned. A for the home gift can include oh so many lovely little accessories, depending on your price range and depending on that person's taste. I happen to love frames, (preferably with thoughtful pictures in them) candles, trays or a fun print.

What do you all think of the themed gift? Thoughtful? Tacky? I see both sides but I would love to 
hear your thoughts!

P.S. Thank you thank you for you kind words on Monday's and Wednesday's posts. You all are SO nice and even though I know that already it still takes me by surprise sometimes. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I actually love themed gifts! They're always fun to give and receive. Last Christmas my brother and sister-in-law got me a cupcake themed gift--a giftcard to a local cupcake shop, a red velvet scented candle, sparkly cupcake earrings, and a super cute cupcake beanie. I loved it!

  2. You know, I love the themed gift! And I really love giving them too! I like the home themed idea... you can't go wrong with a nice scented candle and a frame. I think I'm going to make a baking themed gift for my sister-in-laws. You'll have to post some pictures of what you end up doing!

    xo, Jenna

  3. These gifts are too cute! I love giving for the home type themed gifts especially. Sometimes those jars full of random items plus a candle are so cute I can't not buy the whole setup! I love those Anthropology mugs too, they're adorable! Great gift ideas. Have a fabulous weekend, hope you're feeling better!

    <3 Josephine