Friday, October 5, 2012

This Weeked

This weekend is going to be another busy one.  I have a work event on Saturday from 8am until noon and I need to work on a few Everygirl related things.  I will also be sneaking in some time to catch up with friends at some point.  And Sunday is the Twin Cities Marathon.  This portion of the post makes me a bit nostalgic.

Most of you probably don't know that I am an avid runner.  I started running small town summer races when I was 6 or 7.  I ran cross country all through high school and right before my freshman year of college I decided to sign up for my first marathon.  I had always wanted to do one and decided that if another runner could do it, why the heck couldn't I?  Since then I've ran three marathons.  Three of my very best friends have also run marathons (and another will run his first this weekend!) and others have run half marathons.  I do not want to flatter myself, but sometimes I like to think that perhaps I inspired my friends to sign up for these races.  It would mean a lot if I played a role in that.

Marathons 1, 2, & 3

But this year I chose not to sign up for the marathon (I'm trying so hard not to regret it) and therefore this weekend I'll be cheering on my best friends from the sidelines.  I miss running marathons so much, and I can guarantee you that it will not be long before my weekend recaps start to contain marathon training.  A year is far too long for me to be away from it.

Regardless of whether or not you're a runner, I hope everyone can relate to this post in some way.  Has there ever been anything you really wanted to do but weren't sure if you could?  Perhaps you took the leap of faith and did it anyway.  After all, the best, most rewarding things in life usually require that initial leap of faith.  Those things aren't easy, but they're so worth it.

Good talk.  If you read all that, you get a gold star.  Or two.  Now go have an amazing weekend!


  1. matt said that cheering for the TCM after running it (and other marathons) was way different than before... apparently he felt more invested in the runners and probably more empathy, and he really, really enjoyed it... he'd been nervous too! i bet you will love cheering!
    great reminder on the leap of faith. the best things are the those we never thought we'd do!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love that you're a runner! I started running in sixth grade and haven't stopped since. I've never done a marathon but that's so awesome that you do! I hope you get to do one soon :) I did the Tough Mudder in Beaver Creek, CO this summer, and that 12 miles (at 8,000-11,000 feet!) was definitely the toughest race I've ever done, but I'm so glad I did it! Whatever made you not sign up for this TCM, I'm sure you'll find one you can't pass up soon :) Keep on running! And have a fabulous weekend :)

    <3 Josephine

  3. Great to know you're a runner...
    Have a great time this weekend.
    Its ok if you didn't sign up, you're friends would any time love your encouragement and cheers!!! :)
    Came here blog hopping and liked your blog!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow via GFC & FB, if you like and let me know with a comment! :)

  4. Two gold stars for me! I definitely know what you mean. I did theater all throughout high school and quit when I got to college. I'm glad I stopped, but it still stings a little when I see friends still doing it. I hope you have fun cheering your friends on though! Have a wonderful weekend!