Friday, September 7, 2012

Wrap It Up

I think this week of blogging calls for a wrap up.  The amount of goodness on the blogs that I read these past few days is just too wonderful for me to not share it.  So here we go.

1. Rita over at TOMORROWtoday is just ridiculously in tune with my thinking process as of late.  She started something called the be happy project.  The project is about making it your intention and focus to be happy in life.  I can't explain it as eloquently as she can so you should probably head over to her site to check it out. 
2. As a blogger, it's been basically impossible to forget about the fact that I'm missing NYFW right now.  Every single social media source I'm on is filled with photos and updates from Fashion Week.  I don't think I've ever lived vicariously through other people so much in my life.  If you still need a good fashion week fix, I suggest you check out the blogs of Danielle, Rachel, Alaina, Erin, or Krystal

3. I loved Style Me Pretty's wrap up of the Spring 2013 Amsale bridal collection.  No, I am not getting married anytime soon.  Yes, I am allowed to obsess over wedding dresses in the meantime.  And if I were getting married, Amsale is the one and only designer I would want to buy a dress from. 

4. I am loving the effortlessly layered looks featured over on The Everygirl earlier this week.  They are the perfect examples for how to style your wardrobe for fall.  Note to self: Buy burgundy pants!

5. Emily's clutch & navy polish.  Really, Emily?  Must you always be so stylish? Another note to self:  Figure out to make a messy bun look that lovely.

Those were some of the posts that I loved from this week.  Were there any that you thought were particularly fantastic?  I'll actually have some time this weekend for blogging related things so I would love to hear your suggestions!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


  1. wow! thank you, so honored! have an amazing weekend! xo.

  2. thanks for the Amsale link, off to check it out!

    xoxo navy & orange

  3. Sigh, to be at NYFW. I still stand by the statement that we will make there one day. And seriously, could Emily be any more perfect? It's not fair. Thanks for sharing all of these!