Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today's post is a note on balance.  And more specifically, the lack there of in my life lately.  For years I've been striving to find the perfect balance between whatever I was juggling at the time: work, school, working out, sleeping, being with friends, being with family, blogging, etc.  But I've never seemed to be able to find it. The hours in the day are never long enough.  

I am a person who loves being busy.  I'm guessing (from reading your various blog posts) that many of you are the same way.  I completely thrive on business.  And I've actually found that the busier I am and the less free time I have the more productive I am.  But the downside to that kind of lifestyle is a bit of exhaustion.  It's been like this since ninth grade.  I dip my toe in one pool.  And then another pool.  And another.  And pretty soon I have absolutely no time for certain things - mainly sleep, family and friends.  

Does anyone else have this problem, too?

Perhaps there is no such thing as finding balance in this lifestyle that I lead (and don't get me wrong, this lifestyle that I love).  Perhaps some days I need to focus on one thing and the next day I need to put more energy toward another.  Maybe I need to write everything down and lay it all out and meet my deadlines and maybe then I can achieve some semblance of balance.  Who knows.

Either way, I'd like to at least attempt to focus a little more on balancing my schedule, if that's even possible.  I think I deserve it, and my friends and family definitely deserve it, too.  How to go about this is still a bit of a mystery to me.  But I'm open to suggestions (That's a hint...).


  1. balance is TOUGH.. especially at our age when i think we're still trying to get our personal priorities together! just do what makes you happy!

  2. just when i think my life is balanced, something major happens that throws it for a loop. haha i usually scramble to put it back in some sort of order. i think it's only bad when you're extremely out of balance. when there's a total lack of something in your life. i love order. i love for everything to have it's place, but sometimes when things become a little off kilter it helps keep me on my toes. it's good to have a little shake up now and then. i hope that makes sense. hahahaha

  3. OMG perfect topic as I was having a streesful day yesterday regarding this subject. Balancing life with work kids and everything else is just too much for me. I agree being busy keeps you on your toes but can be overwhelming. I cant keep everyone happy but mentally for me I need to be stimulated. I can only do my best :)

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  4. I feel like I am constantly struggling to balance my schedule. Between working full-time, working out, and having time to myself, it feels impossible.
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  5. Finding a good balance is so tough! So many things are always pulling me in different directions. I generally sacrifice sleep first, which is awful. Taking time to catch up on those things for yourself has helped me, as has working out with my friends :) Running buddies make workouts so much better! Good luck, I hope you get into a better routine soon! Sometimes something just has to give. You'll figure it out :)

    <3 Josephine

  6. I have some of the same problems, Jackie. I can never find the perfect balance between being too busy and bored. I have always said that I thrive on stress, and I manage my stressful college (non-big girl with job) life by writing everything down in a planner. If it isn't in my planner, it doesn't exist. Then on top of that I write out to-do lists for the week/day of things that must be accomplished on any given day--anything extra is bonus. I love the feeling of crossing something off my to-do list--must be my type A personality or something :)
    Good luck!
    Libby at

  7. I'm probably in the minority here, but I've never liked being busy. I'm more of a "take it easy" sort of gal, so now that my life is swamped constantly I'm having a hard time coping. I do love it, but sometimes I get so overwhelmed! I don't have any tips, but wish you luck in finding your balance!

  8. It is hard to balance life and work sometimes but I've learn to take it easy. Focusing one thing at a time helps, I believe. Gd luck finding a balance that works for you.

  9. Girl I hear ya... I need an extra day in the week - but taking time out to do nothing (watch TV, cuddle with my dog) actually helps