Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Amidst the rush of writing a blog post for Tuesday, it somehow slipped my mind to write anything about September 11th.   On that day eleven years ago I was eleven years old, sitting in my sixth grade classroom taking a Terra Nova math test.  I remember little details from that morning, little things that could have only been retained from a day of significance beyond anyone's imagination. 

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I remember the clear blue skies on that Tuesday morning.  It was a beautiful, seemingly perfect fall day.  I remember being stressed because the math test was difficult and I was having trouble with some of the questions.  I remember our teacher receiving a phone call in the middle of the test.  I remember the look on her face as she hung up the phone.  I remember after the test was over she told us that the Twin Towers in New York City had been hit by a plane.  I remember the news on in the background throughout most of the rest of the day.  I remember recess and the chatter of eleven year olds as they discussed what was happening across the country and as they tried to decipher what it all meant.  I remember going home at night and watching the news in my parents bedroom.  I remember the magazine covers and news articles days, weeks and months after it happened.  I remember saving the newspapers because they seemed like they would be significant to have. 

Even though eleven years have passed since that morning, the memories haven't faded.  That day changed our country and our outlook forever.  But if we take any good thing away from what happened on 9/11, I think it would be to be thankful for what we have.  Be thankful for your family and your friends, your passions and your dreams, your memories and every little thing that brightens your day.

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  1. This is very poignant - my memories are quite similar, except I was in 8th grade I believe. Still pretty surreal.