Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: Designer Dreaming

As a college student, I haven't been able to buy anything remotely designer yet, although I have dipped my toe in to the Michael Kors pool several times these past few months.  But a girl can still have designer dreams, right?  And as I pore through the pages of Elle and my favorite blogs each day, I can't help but dream of which designer pieces I will be buying one day.

1.wrap dress from Diane Von Furstenberg.  The brand is known for their iconic wrap dresses, after all.

2. Christian Louboutin.  I've been dreaming of red-soled shoes ever since I started wearing heels. And these classic black pumps would be the perfect first pair to buy.

3. This black Celine bag is a classic carry-all that I could probably use for the rest of my life.  

4. One day I want to own a Burberry trench coat.  Really, is anything more iconic?

5. I would be just fine owning absolutely anything from Tiffany & Co.  I especially love these earrings because I wear studs every day of the week.  

6. These Prada sunglasses remind me of something Jackie O. would have worn.  Classic and oversized to perfection.  

7. This bag from Tory Burch is timeless in every way.  I really love the entire Robinson Collection, but this bag is my favorite.

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