Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend was thrilling.  And by thrilling I mean not thrilling at all.  But it was the perfect mix of relaxation and productivity.  On Thursday night I went to an outdoor movie with some friends and on Friday I toured two apartments in the Minneapolis area for this upcoming fall.  I plan on staying in Minneapolis for one more year and then I want to move on to a bigger city.  Right now I'm thinking Chicago...but more on that later!

This weekend I also did some intense Corepower Yoga sculpt classes...3, to be exact.  I love yoga sculpt, even though I think my roommates think I'm crazy for it.  I also did a whole lot of reading, some chick flick watching and some work on the blog.  Oh!  I almost forgot...last night I made quinoa for the very first time! It was delicious and it also happens to be super nutritious, which is always a plus.

1.  Movies in the park. // 2. The Sandlot.  How's that for a flashback to my childhood?
3. Sneak peak at what might be my new apartment! // 4. Morning light at my favorite place.
5. Reading in bed.  Is there any other way? // 6. Quinoa & veggie deliciousness.

So did you feel it?  All of the excitement from my weekend?  Good, I'm glad.

Happy Monday everyone!

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