Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wish List: (Early) Transition to Fall

Is it bad that I'm already starting to dream of fall?  I hope not.  Either way, I'm going to justify it because: A) With all of this hot and humid weather as of late, it's hard not to dream of cool, crisp fall temperatures. & B) Fall is my favorite season.  Period.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  Speaking of which, I'm thinking someday I should move to Berkeley.  Someone once told me that fall lasts forever in Northern California. We're talking fall leaves in January.

Anyway, I'm thinking it's about time for another wish list.  It's been ages since my last one.  And with this one I'm hoping to tie in some pieces that can transition seamlessly from summer to fall. Enjoy.

1. Anthropologie Blazer // 2. ShoeMint Christina Shoes // 3. J. Crew Bag
4. StyleMint Pacific T // 5. Madewell Flats 
6. Stella & Dot Cuff // 7. Stella & Dot Ring // 8. Essie Nail Polish