Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This or That: Wedding Wear

I'm trying to decide what to wear to an upcoming wedding. Since it's in St. Louis, and since it's in that glorious season called spring, I get to wear a dress and heels without tights. I'm so excited. And because I'm so excited, I'm already planning my outfit. I've narrowed it down to two options. A coral dress from  Parc Boutique or a black dress from J. Crew.

I was recently informed by a few friends that you cannot wear black to a wedding unless it's black tie. What? What?! Considering my abnormal love for weddings, you would think I would have known this. After a little discussion and a few quick texts to the bride and groom, it was determined that I could wear a black dress after all as long as I added a few bright accessories. Phew. Problem solved. But I still want your opinion on the topic.

J. Crew Dress | Parc Boutique Dress
Loren Hope Earrings | BaubleBar Necklace | J. Crew Factory Necklace

I initially thought I would pair the black dress with a lovely statement necklace, but then I saw those earrings from Loren Hope, and I kind of love them. Decisions, decisions.

What are you thoughts?


  1. the j crew dress is classic and awesome, but the parc dress will be such a standout and is unique! i always say that you should shop local when you can, so i'd go with the parc dress.

    and you can totally wear black to weddings, but i agree - you just need to dress it up so it doesn't feel too dark/boring.

  2. I had never heard of that rule before! I try not to wear black just because A LOT of people do, but I didn't know it was a rule! I do love this coral one you chose though!

  3. I haven't been to a wedding in quite some time, but I still didn't know that was a rule! Veryyyy interesting. I love the coral dress even more anyways!

  4. I wear black to weddings all the time! And so does my mom, and she knows these kinds of things, so I figure you're fine. And I LOVE that black dress! The high neckline plus a statement necklace would be absolutely gorgeous. The earrings are fabulous, but that neckline is such a good backdrop for a necklace :) Wedding guest attire is always so fun to shop for!

    <3 Josephine

  5. I would choose the coral- that combination of the dress and statement necklace is too pretty!

    star-crossed smile

  6. The black dress and statement earrings. Love.

  7. The black to a wedding thing is a really old rule and is nearly completely faded out now, so you're free to wear whatever you'd like! Well, I think white is still a no-no, but other than that, anything goes!

    I LOVE the coral dress though, it so bright and spring-like! And it oozes confidence!

  8. Ordinarily I wear red dress to weddings constantly! So I figure you're fine and I cherish that red dress! The high neck area in addition to an announcement neckband would be completely lovely. Moreover red color will draw more attention than black.

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