Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Color Black

The color black plays a huge role in my wardrobe. Like most people I know, I wear it constantly. But I would have never thought to use black as a main color in my home...until I started blogging, that is. And now it seems like it may be a good idea. It’s an unexpected neutral and creates a dramatic backdrop for any room. And if done right, it’s just so darn classy.

What do you think? Would you ever use black as a primary color in a room in your home? 

images here & here


  1. i love it. our living room is half dark navy/grey and half white and it is my favorite!

  2. I actually really love the way it looks and I am dreaming of one day being able to have a chalkboard wall somewhere in my home! However, at the moment, we're doing the apartment lifestyle and we're not allowed to paint our walls such a dark color :/

    star-crossed smile

  3. I would definitely go for a black wall. I love Alaina's office and that bathroom with the pink and white striped rug!

  4. i actually love the way this looks! especially for the office/library (those last two are my favorites!).

    p.s. happy belated birthday!!

  5. Those black paneled walls are awesome! I love the black cabinets, too. I think black in the home is a great idea, especially in these gorgeous photos!

    <3 Josephine