Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gallery Wall Prints

Being a blogger gives me constant forms of inspiration and I am therefore always thinking of new ways to transform my apartment. My current focus is a little gallery wall in my bedroom. Right now it consists of many photos of friends and one lonely piece of art - a painting I bought in Paris way back in high school. I've been wanting to bring more pieces into the mix it but I just haven't been sure of exactly what to add.

Then a few days ago, I downloaded the photos for a studio tour for The Everygirl (that feature is up today, by the way. You should check it out!) and was faced with one of thee loveliest gallery walls every. It's sprawling and full of color.

I mean, really, how pretty and vibrant is that?

Now I want to raise the bar for my own apartment and bring in a few more prints to mix things up. I love these prints from Sarah & Bendrix's Etsy shop. I'm especially obsessed with the middle one. Gold foil lettering with a mint background and a lovely french saying? It's almost too pretty.

I also love this Chicago print from Society6. It may look a little underwhelming here, but it's on canvas and I think it would look great up on my wall. I think it would also serve as a wonderful reminder to visit one of my favorite cities as often as possible.

gallery wall photo // je ne regrette pas // bonjour // magic // chicago

Do you like any of these prints best? Or do you have a favorite place / Etsy shop to look for art work? 
As always, let me know! 


  1. Wow, I would love to have a wall like this. I like having lots of things to look at. Plus it makes the room unique!

    I love The Wheatfield shop on Etsy for prints :)


  2. I cannot wait until I finally get an apartment just so I can have a gallery wall- or two!

  3. I love Cait's gallery wall that was featured on the Everygirl today! I have the Chicago print in my gallery wall and I love it.

  4. nice gallery! I love how it looks all on the wall!


  5. That gallery wall is stunning! My mom has one of old family photographs above the staircase and I've always loved it, but the color and creativity with these pieces is so fun! I love the gilded deer above her bed, too :) That Chicago print is fabulous. If you want some color, I'd definitely check out'm sure you've seen her stuff on my blog before, but it's so vibrant and awesome! Good luck decorating! And thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

    <3 Josephine

  6. I have two wall galleries in my house–and I love them! The one in my room is constantly changing, depending on what I'm loving that month!

    The Glossy Life

  7. Man, I want all of these. I'm still in a dorm, but I have an obsession with minimal movie/tv prints so my wall decorated with art prints of Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, and Moonrise Kingdom :) Sociey 6 is definitely my favorite place to look!

  8. I'm in love with the "Bonjour Amour" print- the combination of mint background and gold lettering seriously makes me swoon! I think Etsy and Society 6 are both really great places to shop for affordable prints.

    star-crossed smile