Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I am absolutely sick over the events that happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday. As I've mentioned before, I've finished three marathons, and at each of these marathons I've had three goals. The first was to finish. The second was to set a personal record. The third was to qualify for Boston. I still haven't completed the final goal, but I have every intention of doing so someday. Why? Because Boston is the Holy Grail for every marathon runner.

The process of training for a marathon is rigorous and time consuming. The process of running a marathon is brutal and rewarding, full of constant ups and downs. But finishing a marathon makes it all worth it. When you cross the finish line, you're so overcome with happiness and inspiration and joy over the fact that you actually did it. For someone to target this incredible moment of euphoria by planting bombs at the finish line of the most respected, honorable marathon in the U.S. shocks and disgusts me. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this event. 

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  1. What a tragically horrific event. I can only imagine what the people at the event are going through right now :( Some day I hope you get to run it, and with much happier results!

    <3 Josephine