Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Girl on a Budget

The title of this post describes me perfectly.  I'm always on a budget and have been even more strict with said budget since starting college four years ago.  Do my style posts always reflect this budget?  Heck no.  Why?  Because this blog is about dreaming and being inspired and believing that someday I will be able to afford all of these things I have my eye on.  And why else?  Because it's my blog, and I post what I want (I promise that is the only time I'll ever say that on here. I felt obnoxious just typing it!).  The moral of this rambling story is that sometimes I need to scale it back and focus on things I would actually buy and could actually afford.  So here we go.  Budget finds $77.99 or less.

H & M Bag $17.95 // J. Crew Factory Shirt $54.50 
BaubleBar Necklace $26.00 (-$10 for new members) // J. Crew Factory Skirt $59.50
 Costa Blanca Trench via Ruche $77.99 // Zara Jeans $35.90
 H & M Necklace $12.95 // StyleMint Cardigan $59.98 // ShoeMint Flats $39.99

Also, a few magical tips that I've discovered along the way.

-Sign up for those pesky mailing lists!  I know, I know.  It's everything your mother told you never to do.  But guys, as long as you have the self control to resist things you don't need and to only open e-mails when you're in the market for something, it's such a good idea.  Most of my favorite sites have sales every. single. week.  I rarely buy full price anymore.

-Don't even get me started on Gap and Piperlime right now. 30% off at Gap & 20% off at Piperlime all day.

-Invest when you can, and only in classic pieces.  I only ever really invest in accessories (handbags, jewelry, shoes) because I can wear them multiple times every week.

-Pull out your trusty Student I.D. as often as possible.  So many stores have student discounts that aren't necessarily advertised.  Just ask.  J. Crew? Student discount.  Banana Republic? Student discount.  It's good stuff.

-Outlets are your best friend.  Nordstrom outlet?  All over it.  J. Crew Factory?  So wonderful, and it makes me so happy that it's all online.

Happy shopping!


  1. i am a HUGE advocate of j crew student discount. aka i still have my student id from college a year ago and the picture is from when i was 18 7 years ago and i was wearing pigtails. and i have a differnt name. people still accept it. and all of these finds are GREAT!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. This was a mistake to look at, now I want everything. I completely agree with the mailing lists, I swear by those. As annoying as it is to trash 20 of them every day, every so often they really pay off!

  3. wow i did not know BR had a student discount! not that i'm a student anymore, but good to know so i can tell my interns:)

    another thing that's really important to consider- cost per wear! spend money on the things you will wear again and again. i never think twice about the prices for cocktail dresses, but really, i'm lucky if i wear them more than once. but i really struggle to spend money on beautiful basic sweaters, even though i can wear those weekly. i'm working to realign my spending to focus on that... it will take time but in the end it makes sense!

  4. I'm always on a budget and I'm glad your definition of the word matches mine- some bloggers think $100 for a shirt is a bargain! Great picks

    Life Unsweetened

  5. Super great tips! I'm always on a budget when shopping so these are great! I love the H&M bag and, on the plus side, $18 is totally reasonable as opposed to hundreds of dollars. I love daydreaming about fashion but it's nice to come back down to Earth every once in a while ;)

  6. Jackie, it was so wonderful meeting you too! I'm loving all of your picks. Can't wait to read more. :)

  7. I sooo relate! Oh how I miss the days of the student ID! Haha great post girl :)

  8. I'm always on a budget as well. Good advice!

  9. Great finds!! Those mailing lists advertise sooo many sales, it's awesome. Love those burgundy pants so much.

    <3 Josephine

  10. This is a great post - I just love that H&M necklace!


  11. I have a love-hate relationship with mailing lists. On one side - all the discounts. Super love. The other - my bank acct isn't happy.

    ps: that zara jeans is so pretty. My hands are itching again. Must resist!