Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dream Wedding Wednesday

Is it premature to already have every single detail of my wedding planned out when I don't have a boyfriend or more importantly, a fiance?  I am going to say maybe, but then I am going to deem an exception to that statement because every girl I know already has every little detail of her wedding planned out as well.

Let's call today Wedding Wednesday.  Mainly because it rhymes, but also because Style Me Pretty has Wedding Wednesday, and I for one love me some Style Me Pretty.  Fun Fact for y'all, Style Me Pretty was the first blog I ever read.  Ever.  So they've left an imprint in my heart.

The Dress

Okay so fine, I don't know exactly what kind of dress I want.  And I suppose that's fine, since marriage is nowhere in my near future.  But I know what I don't want.  Sparkles.  Gemstones.  Glitter.  Taffeta.  I love dresses in which all of the detail comes from the fabric itself.  I also love sweetheart necklines.  And as you can see, the rest of what I love is a bit of a mix.

Images: 123456

The Details

Here's what I need in the details.  Killer shoes and accessories, naturally.  A candy bar.  A classy cute photo booth.  Insane amounts of flowers.  Candles.  Dim lighting.  And other cute details that stay very far away from the line that is tacky.  Because tacky is a very fine line, and I do not want to approach it.  I want to stay with adjectives such as vintage, chic, pretty, etherial and classic.

Images: 1234567

The Location

If I didn't know exactly what I wanted in the dress and the details, I most certainly know what I want for the reception design.  And I had no idea I knew so much until I started picking out photos for this collage. Reception requirements include: outdoor location, (with heating lamps because it will, without a doubt, be in the fall) dim romantic lighting with greenery/trees overhead, wooden tables, soft colors, and chandeliers.

Images: 12345

Let's collectively hope that whoever my future husband is agrees with all of these decisions that I've just made without him.  What would your dream wedding include?


  1. Love this post :) I feel like a girl can't help but dream of her big day for most of her life, boyfriend or not! I love your pics for dresses, and the pale pinks and photobooth are definitely musts for me as well.

    <3 Josephine

  2. The dress with the lace back details looks stunning...and very very nice decorations! Thanks for that post :)


  3. Such a gorgeous post,I really enjoyed reading it honey;)

  4. Love this post! I am obsessed with weddings! My dream wedding pinterest board is ridiculous. I may have to borrow your idea and do a similar post. :-)

  5. We are on the same boat in picking ethereal as the working theme for our dream wedding. Haha. If I don’t get an outdoor wedding, I would like an indoor venue with large windows or veranda. I want it to be dreamy, lights such as candles or chandeliers would be everywhere. Anyway, I believe that a wedding venue is instrumental in making everyone feel the mood of the event!

    Kelli Mueller