Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shiny Shoes

The other day while browsing through the Geranimo Balloons instagram feed I discovered the loveliest photo of gold metallic oxfords. GOLD METALLIC OXFORDS. I kind of couldn't believe how pretty they were. Maybe a little impractical, but so awesome. Naturally I followed up this discovery by doing some internet window shopping for other metallic shoes. This (of course) led me to J. Crew, where I found so many pretty pairs. These are a few of my favorites.

wedges | oxfords | sandals | flats

This whole metallic shoe thing might be a temporary trend, but I'm hoping it stays around a while. I'm also hoping to get one of these fancy pairs. I'm thinking the Lillian wedge, because I've been wanting them forever

What do you think of metallic shoes? Pretty and fun or maybe a little much?


  1. jihan always has the best shoes! i love metallic oxfords and am still kicking myself for not getting a pair i tried on last year. metallic sandals will always be in style so you are set with the lillians! i love those!

  2. Do it. I love this trend and definitely already have two recently purchased silver sandals (one a heel). I love this trend, and those wedges!

    <3 Josephine

  3. All of these picks are so cute! I think the oxfords have to be my favorite. I feel like you can't help but feel super snazzy when wearing those!

    star-crossed smile

  4. Such cute picks! Loving your blog! Are you on Bloglovin? Would love to follow